Most Interesting Facts About Hyenas | Weight, Size all Info

41 Most Interesting Facts About Hyenas | Weight, Size all Info

In the animal kingdom, there are thousands of species but Hyena is an exceptional one. It is a special animal, which we often overlook and even misunderstood. Though they are not much good-looking to grab attention, you can’t deny they are smart and cunning creatures.

You might be seen them on the Discovery channel where they are known as carrion-eating villains. In this post, we will discuss many vibrant and interesting facts about Hyenas. Just read on!

Most Interesting Facts about Hyenas that Make You Wonder

No#1: Hyenas are not scavengers

Many people believe hyenas mostly eat the leftover of many dead animals.  But it is not actually true; they eat 66-90% of food from what they hunt.

No#2: Different meaning of the smile

Scientists had discovered that the meaning of laugh in hyenas is different. It is often related to their social position and age.

No#3: They are cunning animal than Chimps

One study found that hyenas are more efficient to deal with real-life problems and friendly cooperation than chimpanzees.

No#4: They are Affectionate Mothers

Hyenas’ mothers are highly affectionate for their cubs; they take care of their cubs a minimum of one year unless cubs become fully mature to live alone.

No#5: They have counting ability

Several; studies found that hyenas can count numbers. For example, when they decide to join a clan, they will first determine the number of male hyenas is in the group. They prefer to join with less male hyenas group.

No#6: They are not hermaphrodites

Due to having pseudopenis, many female hyenas are considered hermaphrodites. But it is not actually true. Nevertheless, female hyenas have a little bit unusual and complicated genitals compared to other animals.

No#7: They have strong jaws

Hyenas have strong and powerful jaws that can easily crush bones more than two inches in diameter and even kill animals.

No#8: They live long

The average life expectancy for a hyena is around 25 years. However, they can live up to 40 years in captivity.

No#9: Four types of species for hyenas

Spotted, striped, brown, and aardwolf are the four types of hyena species available in the world. Spotted hyenas are the biggest ones among them.

No#10: Hyenas habitat

Hyenas mainly live in several areas of Africa and also small areas of India and Arabia.

No#11: They are excellently social

A huge number of hyenas live together, up to 130 individuals, and the whole group is called a clan. Most clans are lead by females.

No#12: They are incredibly rich vocal

Hyenas make different types of sounds like whoops, groans and giggles.  However, laughing or giggling is a sign of social uncertainty and anxiety.

Hyena Facts for Kids

No#13: They are baby lion hunters

As lions and hyenas often hunt for the same prey, confliction is pretty common for these two animals. They often try to run away with opponent foods and even kill the younger ones due to fierce competition.

No#14: Female domination in Hyenas group

Female hyenas are more powerful and strong than males because they have three times testosterone than males. That’s why females have absolute domination even among small baby hyenas.

No#15: A hard life for baby hyenas

Baby hyenas often die due to suffocation because they undergo a complicated birthing process. Even after being born, they may even bear several fatal diseases.

No#16: They follow an eerie greeting ceremony

When one hyena meets with another one, they perform an eerie greeting ceremony where they will develop erections among them.

No#17: Males hyenas lead a difficult life

Male hyenas will have to leave the home after they become two years old and find their own territory.

No#18: They are not wild dogs

Though hyenas have pointy ears and a snout, they are more related to cats or cat-like mammals.

No#19: They mate with other clans members

Hyenas don’t live in the same clan for long; during mating season, they mate with other clan members to save the genetic pool.

How Big are Hyenas

No#20: Weight of a hyena

The weight of an adult hyena can be 25 kg to 55 kg. Female hyenas are bigger than male hyenas because they grow faster and it continues for a long time.

How Much do Hyenas Weigh

No#21: Color of Hyenas

The coating color of hyenas can be dark-brown or light-brown or sandy, ginger with black marking.

No#22: They often hunt in groups

As hyenas live with a huge member in their clans, they often hunt in groups and kill many large animals like zebras, wildebeest, young hippos, and antelope.

No#23: Total number of hyena population

According to biologists, there are around 5,000 to 14,000 hyenas live throughout the world.

No#24: 2 hyenas in a litter on average

A female hyena gives birth two cubs at a time in each or three on occasionally.

Hyena Characteristics

No#25: Smart Communication

Hyenas are extremely smart; they communicate with other members of the clan through yelling, whooping, and cackling. They can even communicate silently.

Fun Facts about Hyenas

No#26: Can hyenas kill a lion?

Several studies have found that hyenas can kill a lion in a group, especially if the lion is very weak and becomes too old to fight.

No#27: How many teeth do hyenas have?

There are around 32-34 teeth in an adult hyena’s mouth, including conical premolars that help them to hunt and fight with other animals.

No#28: Do hyenas eat humans?

Though there are not many reports of attacking and killing humans, they are capable of doing it if there is a lack of food.

No#29: Hyenas are African major meat eater

One of the most common large carnivores is hyenas for African countries; they can eat up to 32 pounds of meat per meal.

No#30: They play a key role in African ecosystems

Though hyenas have lack diversity, they play a vital role for African ecosystems by cleaning up debris, preventing the spread of disease, and controlling the population.

No#31: They are living on earth for 24 million years

Hyenas have been living on earth for around 24 million years but still, they are not endangered animals.

No#32: A fast runner

Hyenas are a pretty fast runner—they can run up to 60 kilometers per hour.

No#33: Domestic hyenas

As ancient people were very smart, they succeed to make hyenas domesticated and even eaten them. However, hyenas are mostly impossible to domesticate due to their aggressive behavior.

Hyena Facts and Information

No#34: Hyenas attack or kill hyenas

When there is a conflict between several clans, hyenas may attack or even kill baby hyenas from other clans.

No#35: They have excellent digestive tolerance

Hyenas can eat different types of hard objects and digest them easily including horns, teeth, and hooves, hair, ligaments, and so forth.

No#36: Hyenas eat Maasai people

Kenyan and Tanzanian Maasai people allow hyenas to eat their people’s bodies rather than burying them.

No#37: Traditional medicine from hyenas body parts

In some ethnic groups, they use hyenas’ body parts to make traditional medicine.

No#38: Hyena’s cartoon and animation

In some animation of Disney, hyena’s characters are used — including The Lion King, Dumbo, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Lady and the Tramp, and Noah’s Ark.

No#39: They are sky-grazers

You will notice most often hyenas at the daytime gaze at the sky. Do you think they are daydreaming? No, they are super intelligent; they make their own special GPS by taking cues from circling vultures. They use these circling vultures to attack and kills the prey.

No#40: Hyenas are super brave

Few hyenas are as brave as hyenas. When they want to hunt prey, they will hunt it no matter whatever the condition. They don’t even hesitate to put their life at risk. It helps them to survive in the different adverse environments in the African jungle.

No#41: They are on the list of ugly-five

We know it is not surprising to see them on this list as they are not much beautiful. That’s why there are listed on the ugly five animals of Africa and others are Vulture, Marabou Stork, Warthog, and Wildebeest.


There are so many things to learn about hyenas. Right? Which interesting facts about hyenas made you surprised? Hopefully, you have learned many less-known facts about hyenas to boost your knowledge. Thanks for reading!

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