Interesting & Fun Facts About Arizona that You Should Know

50 Most Interesting & Fun Facts About Arizona that You Should Know

Thinking of several new trivia topics to excite your dinner guests? You can say about our endlessly amazing state Arizona. Here we enlisted all kinds of intriguing tidbits of information to define Arizona.

If you want to know more about this state like interesting cool & important things it will be helpful for your. More than 50 fact listed here.

Fast Facts About Arizona

Official Name: Arizona
Capital City: Phoenix
Population: 7,278,717 (2019)
Area: 113,990 sq mi (295,234 km2)
Official Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−07:00 (Mountain)
(Source: Wikipadia)

50 Fun Facts About Arizona

Pick our superior bonding with the sun. Actually Arizona is the state of sunniest. You can enjoy here not only natural beauty but also history & culture. Continue reading to know more relaxed, weird & fun facts about Arizona; you must, at the very least, push up your eyebrows in wonder.

Amazing Arizona With Fascinating Facts

No#1: How the name came?

“Arizonac,” a Spanish word from this word, the state of Arizona’s name was received; originated d from a Native American word that means “small spring.”

No#2: Nickname

“The Copper State” Arizona is called by this nickname; it was given as it guides the U.S. in copper production.

No#3: “The Valentine State.”

As Arizona was the last to include the lower 48 states; officially, this state was created on February 14, 1912; that’s why Arizona’s state also call as “the Valentine State.”

No#4: Grand Canyon-most visited landmarks

The Grand Canyon is in Arizona, one of the most famous and visited landmarks in the state and the world. Also, the nation’s second-most hit the national park.

No#5: Famous locations

  • Grand Canyon,
  • Monument Valley,
  • Saguaro National Park,
  • Hoover Dam,
  • Sedona,
  • Havasu Falls.

No#6: Famous Arizonans

  • John McCain- senator
  • Michelle Branch- singer
  • Emma Stone- actress
  • Geronimo- Indian chief
  • Barry Goldwater- politician
  • Lynda Carter- actres

No#7: Native American tribes’ habitation

Arizona dedicated its most extensive portion of land to Native American tribes. Actually, 21 federally considered tribes to build their home in Arizona.

No#8: Tombstone-a ghost town

Arizona, Tombstone was a famous place for a shootout at the O.K. Corral, currently a ghost town. That shootout is viewed as one of the most famed gunfights ever.

No#9: Various species of a rattlesnake

In Arizona, almost thirteen various rattlesnake species are found; this percentage is highest than any other state in the U.S.

No#10: Rattlesnakes bite

Every year in Arizona, almost 150 natives are bitten by rattlesnakes.

No#11:Meteor craters

Winslow, Arizona, is the birthplace of one of the most prominent and world’s best-protected meteor craters ever.

No#12: The biggest solar telescope ever

Arizona is the birthplace of the world’s biggest solar telescope, located at the Kitt Peak National Observatory.

No#13: One inch snowfall

Following by the National Weather Service in Phoenix, Arizona, recorded the largest snowfall, almost one inch. In the 1930s, this occurred twice.

No#14: The longest franchise in the NFL

Since 1898 the Arizona Cardinals running franchise in the NFL continuously. Also, consider the longest franchise ever.

No#15: Renowned London Bridge

England reconstructed its renowned London Bridge in the 1960s; the original bridge was sent part by part to Lake Havasu City, Arizona; you can also find it still stands there.

No#16: Desert landscape or forested?

Many of our consider desert landscape while they capture Arizona, but exceed a quarter of Arizona’s land is forested.

No#17: Renowned Arizona natives

Renowned Arizona natives are Emma Stone, Stevie Nicks, and Marty Robbins & Cesar Chavez.

No#18: Daylight savings time

Arizona and Hawaii, two states, never see daylight savings time.

No#19: Saguaro cactus- with top high

Southern Arizona is home to the Sonoran Desert. In the country, this cactus is the biggest one, and its high can grow as a five-story building.

The most exciting fact is that you could go to a year in prison if you cut down the saguaro cactus.

No#20: The high rim of the Grand Canyon

If you would position four 1,300-foot high skyscrapers on top of everyone, you still could not touch the rim of the Grand Canyon.

No#21: Rock worth 1 billion years

At the Grand Canyon, rock exposed more than 1 billion worth. There are no dinosaur fossils as the rocks are significantly older than the dinosaurs.  You’ll find sponges, corals, and trilobites.

No#22: Large enough

Arizona can fit Pennsylvania State & all of New England of its inside as this state is large enough.

No#23: Women suffrage

In Arizona, women were granted to vote eight years ago of the national suffrage.

No#24: Jerome Grand Hotel

Once this was a hospital for the city’s miners, it is now considered one of Arizona’s most cursed places.

No#25: Winter home Frank

In 1937 Taliesin West Architect Frank Lloyd Wright built his desert studio, used as his winter home.

No#26: Privately owned land area

Even if Arizona State is the sixth-largest inland area, only 17 percent privately owned. And the repose goes to state trust lands, public forest and parklands, and Local American reservations.

No#27: “The Family Circus”

 “Paradise Valley native Bil Keane made the Family Circus” – comic strip, sometimes place in Scottsdale.

No#28: World’s best spas destination

Following Travel + Leisure, in Arizona, three are almost ten world’s best spas destinations (one in Sedona & two in Tucson).

No#29: American president’s journey to Arizona

Since Herbert Hoover, every American president except for President Obama stayed at the Spa in Phoenix & Arizona Biltmore Resort.

No#30: The Apache Trout Fish

Only in Arizona, you will find the Apache Trout Fish.

No#31: Capitol building’s roof specialties

Arizona’s Capitol building’s roof specialties are it has made with copper equal to 4.8 million pennies.

No#32: Kachina doll

Kachina doll, the world’s tallest ever, almost 39 feet tall, stands in Carefree, Arizona.

No#33: Huge wilderness area

Arizona has a huge wilderness area, almost double as the whole Midwest.

No#34: Planet Pluto

In 1930 the earlier planet Pluto was explored in Flagstaff, Arizona, by Clyde Tombaugh.

No#35: The classical rodeo

Although the world’s classical rodeo is in Prescott, the constant classical rodeo is in Payson.

No#36: Colossal cave- largest dry caverns

The colossal cave is the world’s largest dry caverns; like Fang & Bonecrusher, it has stalactites.

No#37: Enjoy margarita

You can refresh yourself; you are enjoying a margarita next time, thank Arizona. In 1936 the country’s first tub of tequila broke out of Nogales.

No#38: Moon landing training

At Meteor Crater, Astronauts of NASA did a few of their moon landing training, imagining the moon’s top would be the same to the site.

No#39: Funny official neckwear

Best famous for its matching with western wear, Arizona’s official neckwear is “the bolo tie.”

No#40: Hay capital

In World War II, Gilbert was supplying alfalfa hay for war horses.

No#41: Roadrunners

In Arizona, You will get roadrunners up to 17mph running from their enemies. Dynamite-wielding coyotes keep challenging to spot.

No#42: Sun shines

Even more than Hawaii & Florida, the sun shines in Tucson & Phoenix 85 percent of the year.

No#43: The largest sundial

 In Carefree, Arizona enjoys the world’s largest sundial, counting 90 feet across.

No#44: “The Lights over Phoenix:”

 “The Lights over Phoenix” is an unexplained incident on March 13, 1997, while Phoenix citizens and the governor said to have viewed a stationary aircraft for 106 minutes in their sky.

No#45: National parks and monuments

You can enjoy almost 22 national parks and monuments there.

No#46: Wine lover

More than 22 varietals of wine &100 wineries produced in Arizona.

No#47: Skiing-biking-hiking-riding

Almost 800 miles long Trail is dedicated to cross-country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding.

No#48: Top-rated waterfalls

Havasu Falls & Grand Falls, two of them are top-rated waterfalls in the U.S. is in Arizona.

No#49: Drive-through of McDonald’s

The earlier Drive-through of McDonald’s was made in Arizona.

No#50: Lovely craft breweries

Arizona is the birthplace of 75+ craft breweries, which are licensed and growing also.

So, how many facts did you know?  If you know other facts & like to share them with us, just left a comment below, Arizonans & enjoy lovely Arizona.

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