Interesting & Fun Facts about Iowa State | What is Known for?

19 Interesting & Fun Facts about Iowa State | What is Known for?

The Iowa is 29th state of the United States which is well-known as Hawkeye state. This is the only state which bordered with two rivers. Iowa is one of the prettiest views in the Nation. The state is embraced with lots of fun and Interesting facts.

You may think What’s the fun facts about Iowa? Today you going to discover a lot of fun facts about Iowa state that you don’t know before.

Fast Facts | Things about Iowa

Name: Iowa (A State of USA)
Capital City: Des Moines
Population: 3,155,070[2019]
Area: 55,000 sq mi (145,743.8 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

Interesting & Fun Facts about Iowa State

What is Iowa Known for

Here we picked up several interesting facts of Iowa state that are incredible and just unbelievable. Furthermore, the article contains What is Iowa famous for? And What is the most interesting fact? Let’s start the progress to know about Hawkeye state.

No#:1 Iowa is the Hawkeye state

There is an attractive tourist place named Hawkeye point. This is the highest elevation of this state and Iowa is famous for this point. Finally, Iowa got its name as Hawkeye state. This is the nickname of the state.

Interesting Facts about Iowa

No#:2 Iowa has the highest literacy state

This is an amazing Fact of Iowa. It has a top literacy rate of about 99% which is the highest literacy rate in the nation of the USA. That proves that almost every Iowans can read and write his name.

No#:3 This is only two vowels state

The Iowa state is started with two vowels. This is the only state which starts with two vowels word.

No#:4 There are more Hogs than People

It is really a fun Facts about Iowa. As the record of 2013, the state contains around 21.2 million hogs while there are 4.2 million people lives in the state. As a calculation, each person is the owner of four hogs.

No#:5 It offers the World largest tour

The Iowa state contains an attractive tourist spot named Strawberry point. There is a 15-feet tall fiberglass strawberry which is the biggest strawberry in the world. Whether you are interested to take the World’s largest tour, Iowa is a perfect place to go.

No#:6 Iowa is the Best Place to Live

Iowa State is embodied with 92% farmland which creates an excellent nature on this state. That’s why it’s considered a safe place to live in the united state of America. And finally, Iowa has listed as the Ninth “Best place to Live” by This is an interesting fact of Iowa state and good news for Iowans.

Weird Facts about Iowa

No#:7 It contains “The Eighth Wonder of the World”

The grotto of the Redemption located in west bend, Iowa. This is well-known as “The Eighth Wonder of the world”.

No#:8 It is home to World’s largest Bullhead fish

There is a 12 feet long bullhead fish statue in crystal Lake, Iowa. That’s the world’s largest bullhead fish in the record. 

Random Facts about Iowa

No#:9 There is the oldest water tower

Scranton, Iowa is home to the oldest water tower. Although this is the oldest tower of this Iowa state, it provides service still now.

No#:10 It is home to the highest double track railroad bridge

The Kate Shelley Bridge is located at Boone, Iowa which is the highest double track railroad bridge in the world.

Cool things about Iowa State

No#:11 There is an Oldest and Grant college of USA

If you are interested to know about “What is Iowa famous for”? let’s know the answer. The Iowa state is famous for the Iowa state university. The Iowa state university is the oldest and grants college in the USA.

No#:12 It is a Wind Turbines state

There are more than 3200 wind turbines embraced in the state. It produces more than 25 percent of electricity from the wind turbines power. This is the highest concentration of this state. Furthermore, the state hopes, they will be able to produce 40 percent of state electricity from wind turbines by 2020.

No#:13 It is home to red delicious apple

There is a red delicious apple orchard in Peru, Iowa. It can provide a large number of red apple in the world.

As the terms of the test, these red apples are fulfilled with taste and sweetness.

Fun Facts about Iowa for Kids

No#:14 Largest Bike touring event

RAGBRAI takes place in Iowa which is the largest bike-touring event in the world. In 1973, the Des Moines Register sponsored the great bike ride across Iowa. Since 1973, the bike grand event celebrates in this state.

No#:15 Most of Iowans are Urban

According to the population belief, Iowa’s population are more urban than rural. As a calculation, 38.9 percent of the population lives in urban while 61.1 percent of the population lives in rural areas.

Things Iowa is Known for

No#:16 The small state contains the highest number of A-grade soil

Iowa is home to lots of A-grade soil which is the largest number A-grade soil in the nation.

No#:17 It has more golf courses than any other state

Iowa is the only state which offers more than 400 golf courses. This is the highest number of this nation.

Historical Facts about Iowa

No#:17 Iowa has more golf farmlands than any other state

As you know Iowa is embraced with 58,295.81 square mile area. And the area is inbound with farmlands. There are almost 92% of the area is used as farmlands. This is the highest number of farmlands in the united nation.

No#:18 There is the largest wooden nickel in Iowa

In Iowa city, there is a wooden nickel plate around 12 across. This is World’s largest wooden nickel. This is an interesting fact about Iowa state.

No#:19 Hawkeye Point is the highest elevation of this state

Iowa is home to the Hawkeye point. It is around 1,671 feet high from sea level. That is the highest elevation of Iowa state.

What is Iowa most Famous for


On the whole, Iowa state is a famous state with a rich history and lots of interesting facts. This is the best place to live with the prettiest view. In the article, we’ve tried to present a few facts of Iowa state. Most of them are funny and interesting. This is our small effort to appear in the Iowa state.

Take it normal and easy. Hopefully, you’ve got a little bit of information about this Hawkeye state. Let me know your opinion about What is the funniest facts of Iowa state?

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