Interesting & Fun Facts about North Dakota | What is Known for?

25 Interesting & Fun Facts about North Dakota | What is Known for?

North Dakota is the 39th state of the US Nation with a brief history and lots of interesting facts. If you are an enthusiastic one to know the amazing world you are welcome to North Dakota. This Midwestern state is fulfilled with lots of amazing and fun facts.

After passing a long time with deep research our team affords to gather several incredible and fun facts about North Dakota. We are pleased to present some interesting facts of North Dakota.

Fast Facts | Information about North Dakota

Name: North Dakota (A State of USA)
Capital City: Bismarck
Population: 762,062[2019]
Area: 70,704 sq mi (183,123 km2)
Languages: English
Time Zone: UTC−06:00 (Central)
(Source: Wikipedia)

25 Fun Facts about North Dakota State

What is North Dakota Known for

There are a vast number of interesting facts with a rich history. Some of them are funny and unbelievable. That you don’t know before and it will shock you. Furthermore, you will be able to know “What’s North Dakota Famous for?”

 Let’s check the fun and interesting facts of North Dakota.

No#:1 North Dakota is either the 39th or 40th state

There is a puzzle about the Peace of Garden state rank in the union. No one is sure about Is North Dakota the 40th or 39th state of the nation.

Until 1889, two Dakota’s are joined in Dakota Territory. They became two different states like South Dakota and North Dakota due to various political squabbles and facts.

Both of the states are joined on the same day. Consequently the President of the union, Benjamin Harrison purposely made confusion. He can’t say accurately which state came first to the union. Now it is impossible to tell their rank due to sign the papers without looking at the time.

 But there is a circulation about the confusion “The North Dakota is 39th state of the union”. This is made by the Alphabet rank. Because N has taken place before S on the English Alphabet.

No#:2 This is the only state to never have an earthquake

There is an incredible fact about the North Dakota state. This is the only state which never has an earthquake.

No#:3 It is the only state with a state-owned Bank

The Bank of North Dakota is a state-owned bank of North Dakota. This is headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota. Although several State try to establish their state-owned bank, they can’t able to made it possible. Consequently, North Dakota is the only state in the nation with state-owned banks.  During 2007 recession compared to larger banks, this state bank operated financial institutions recently. 

Interesting Facts about North Dakota

No#:4 North Dakota is “The 701”

The 701 is the Nickname of North Dakota. This is an interesting and funny nickname of North Dakota. There are several nicknames of this state. Such as Norse Dakota, Roughrider State, Heaven, The Peace Garden State, The 701, and Flickertail state. Although there are lots of nickname of this state, this is well known as the “Peace Garden State”.

No#:5 It’s illegal to lie down with Shoes

It’s legally restricted to lie down and fall asleep with your shoes. You may think this is a fun fact of North Dakota. But this is the law of the Peace Garden State.

Weird Facts about North Dakota

No#:6 It’s illegal to dance with a hat

If you dance in Fargo while you are wearing a hat, you can be jailed. Even you wear a hat in this place where dancing is going on, you will face the law of North Dakota.

No#:7 World’s Largest Hamburger was eaten in North Dakota

Famous People from North Dakota

In 1982, A hamburger in 3.591 pounds was eaten in Rutland, North Dakota. Almost 8,000 people are invited to eat the burger. This event has taken place in the world’s Guinness book as one of the most interesting facts of North Dakota.

No#:8 World’s largest Pancake festival in the world

Fargo, North Dakota has arranged a Pancake feed in 2008. It serves almost 34,818 pancakes in this festival. This is the largest pancake feed throughout the world. This event also included in the World Guinness Book.

Cool Facts about North Dakota

No#:9 North Dakota has Guinness World Record for most snow angle in a place

On 17 February 2007, 8,962 crazy people made a large number of snow angels at Besmirch. This event beats the word’s previous record of 3,782. Consequently, it becomes the world’s largest event for snow angles. The event has included in the Guinness world book.

What is North Dakota Famous for

No#:10 It has World’s Largest Holstein Cow

Salem Sue, World’s largest Holstein cow is built to honor the dairyman of North Dakota. This is a total 36 feet high, 50 feet long, and 6 tons in weight. With the largest figure, this cow is visible around 5 miles

No#:11 World’s largest Buffalo stand in North Dakota

There is a Buffalo monument stand in Jamestown, North Dakota. This is the largest Buffalo in the world. This is 26 feet high. With this height, this is visible around the Jamestown city. The largest buffalo monument has been standing with 60-ton concrete giant since 1959.

No#:12 Milk is the official beverage of this state

With a vast number of Wildlife, the Norse Dakota capable to supply suffice milk for North Dakotan. Milk is the official beverage of North Dakota while beer is the official beverage in many other states. These are amazing facts of this state.

North Dakota Facts for Students

No#:13 It is home to the World’s smallest town

Maza, North Dakota is the smallest town in the World. According to 2000 census, this is a town with 5 people.

No#:14 Square Dancing is the official Folk Dance of North Dakota

Until 1995, its a normal dance of dancing in the square. But it became changed in a while. North Dakota named the Square Dancing as the “Official American folk dance”.

No#:15 More Guinness World Record than any other state

With the largest number of incredible facts, this state takes several records on Guinness World Book. It gained more world records than any other state of the united nation.

No#:16 High attendance in Church

There is more churches than any other state. These churches are fulfilled for the whole day with North Dakotan. There is the highest attendance of North Dakotan in their churches. You may think this a fun fact of North Dakota. No, this is their Religiosity.

No#:17 There is Bone-Chilling cold throughout the Winter

The Weather of North Dakota varies greatly. Although temperature varies with month and edge, it holds cold throughout the year. The temperature reports are sufficed to say, there is cold throughout the year. Except June and July, the state contains low temperatures with cold and snowfall.

North Dakota History Facts

No#:18 This is home to thousands of Rock, Mineral Specimen, and Fossil

North Dakota state contains the historical museum that consists of world history. There are thousand of Mineral Specimen, Rock, and Fossil in these museums. You can see the defunct dinosaur in the Dakota Dinosaur Museum.

No#:19 North Dakota has More Wildlife Refuges per capita than any other state

To give the shade facility for the wildlife, North Dakota throws lots of Wildlife Refuges. There are almost 63 national wildlife refuges. That covers a total of 290,000 acres area on North Dakota state.  This is the largest amount of Wildlife refuges in the Nation.

No#:20 North Dakota is the least-visited state in the USA

The North Dakota State is the least visited state in the Nation while there are several tourist spots in North Dakota. Such as the Dakota Dinosaur Museum, The peace Garden, and the stone pillar. Every year, North Dakota receives a few visitors throughout the world. That is very less than any other state.

No#:21 North Dakota is the Center of North America

Rugby, North Dakota is the geographical center of North Dakota. This is an incredible fact of North Dakota state.

No#:22 North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate

With multiple Employment opportunities, North Dakota has improved the unemployment rate. They can reach a 3.2% rate. This is an interesting fact about North Dakota state.

No#:23 This is home to the Dinosaur Museum

In Dickinson, there is a Museum named Dakota Dinosaur museum. This is one of the attractive tourist spots in the nation. This museum contains twelve full-scale dinosaurs with complete real Triceratops and Edmontosaurus.

North Dakota Famous Landmarks

No#:24 There is a stone pillar with US flag and Canadian Flag

There is a marked area with A 15 feet Obelisk (stone pillar) in North Dakota. That contains an amazing history of the world. Two poles beside the stone pillar flying the United States and Canadian flags.

Funny Facts about South Dakota

No#:25 North Dakota is a large producer of beef

Ranchers, North Dakota is afforded to supply 113 million hamburgers throughout every year. This is the amount of three times than any other state in the Nation.


On the whole facts and history, North Dakota is a well-known state of the United nation. With lots of fun facts, the state is famous for the scenic views. Here we picked up some interesting facts of this state.

Let me know your opinion about “What’s the most interesting facts of North Dakota?

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