30 Facts About Venezuela (Interesting, Funny, Historical, Cultural)

30 Facts About Venezuela (Interesting, Funny, Historical, Cultural)

Explore more about “Venezuela” – the best, a dizzyingly stunning country with steamy & biodiversity features. This charming region attracts tourists year-round.

However, few are afraid to go to this country because it is considered one of the world’s unsafe countries. But the beautiful Venezuela offers you with Andean Highland to the Caribbean Sea, spectacular wildlife to yummy cacao & a lot; Sounds great.

If you a little sense about Venezuela, Here’s a look to enjoy a wide range of Interesting and trivia to have more fun.

Basic Venezuela Facts and Information

Official Name: Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
Capital City: Caracas
Population: 28,644,603
Area: 912,050 sq km
Languages: Spanish
Time Zone: UTC-4 (Venezuelan Standard Time)
(Source: CIA World Fact Book)

The Amazing fact you don’t know about Venezuela

What is Venezuela Known for?

Officially Venezuela is called the “Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” a country of South American. Let’s dig more.

No#1: Name origination

Venezuela is one of the 17 most biodiverse nations on the planet. The name of Venezuela comes from the Italian word “Veneziola.”

No#2: Magnificent geography

Venezuela has a Caribbean island, mountains, icy masses, river, high countries meadows, marshlands, desert, forests and jungles, canyons. So we can say that this country is honored with magnificent geology.

Interesting Facts about Venezuela

No#3: Heaven on Earth

Christopher Columbus was the first European to find the country in 1497. He mentioned that he had found “Heaven on Earth.” He named this country “Land of Grace,” and today, it is used as the country’s nickname.

No#4: World’s oldest lake

‘Lake Maracaibo’ is the largest lake in South America, and the oldest lake on the earth is located in Venezuela.

Fun Facts about Venezuela

No#5: The position of Amazon

The northern edge of the Amazon bowl is in the southern piece of Venezuela. The more significant part of the warm-blooded creature and fledgling types of Venezuela are found in the Amazon Forests.

Important Facts about Venezuela

No#6: Miss World champs

Venezuela is celebrated around the globe for its excellent ladies. Its excellence show champs hold seven Miss Universe crowns, six Miss World crowns, seven Miss International crowns, and two Miss Earth crowns.

The Miss Venezuela pageant is a mainstream yearly occasion in the country.

No#7: Wildlife & the world’s most giant rat

Venezuela’s animals and plants are unique. You can find over 25000 species of orchids, more than 3900 species of fungi, 23% of the reptiles, and 50% of amphibians. Animal life includes dolphins, Orinoco, crocodiles, giant anteaters, jaguars, and capybaras.

Cool Facts about Venezuela

No#8: ‘Arepas’ the National dish

Venezuelans take their largest meal between noon and three in the afternoon. ‘Arepas’ are a hot favorite in Colombia and Venezuela. Coffee is fantastic here, ‘Chicha Andina” which is made from rice or cornflour, is a popular local drink.

No#9: Significant protection

Venezuela assigned 53.9% of its region & 33% of its forested land as secured. On the other hand, it has ensured 43 public parks.

No#10: Risky spot

Wrongdoing is widespread in the urban communities day and night and on the streets after dark. With the world’s highest murder rate, Kidnappings are common. Robbers are quick to kill their casualties

No#11: Dead list place to drive

Driving is unsafe here. It is known as one of the world’s dead list places to drive. So it will be best not to take a taxi.

No#12: Petroleum- the unfathomably modest

Venezuela offers plenty of petrol at a cheap rate, practically free. However, Venezuela’s people drive very little. So they export 80% petrol of total production.

No#13: Expensive Macs

McDonald’s is so costly in Venezuela. You have to pay around 4 dollars if you want to test a hamburger. Considering this, it can be said that this is an expensive country.

No#14: World’s largest oil reserve

Venezuela is a founding member of OPEC, and it has the largest oil reserves in the world. It has been one of the leading oil exporters in the world. That’s why oil is cheaper than water.

No#15: Restricted alcohol

It is forbidden to buy or sell alcohol here from 21 hours before the election.

No#16: Joropo -the national dance:

The wealth and assortment of its melodic style and moves incorporate the bamboo and calypso. Joropo -the national dance is a waltz-like dance.

Good things about Venezuela

No#17: Everlasting lightning storm

Catatumbo River has the most lightning strikes here. The surprising matter is that in 2015, there were more than 1 lakh lightning strikes here made this place the most likely place in the world.

No#18: The cuatro -national instrument

Venezuelan Culture Facts

Venezuelan music is full of percussion instruments and guitars—the “cuatro” -national instruments, a type of guitar and named for its four strings.

No#19: Persuasive Mountain

The world’s sixth-largest national park is Canaima National park. Here situated the massive mountain that roused Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, and keeping in mind that there are no Jurassic occupants; guests can hope to see endemic feathered creatures, frogs, dragonflies, and tarantulas.

Half of Venezuela’s highest mountain home is the Sierra Nevada National Park, including Pico Boliver.

No#20: Highest waterfall

Angel falls-The highest waterfall in the world is located in Venezuela. Here the water is down from 979 meters above.

What is Venezuela Famous for?

No#21: An expensive waterway

The Orinoco is the more suggestive river on earth. Mississippi is very acceptable as well also. Redmond O’Hanlon, around a four-month trip up the Orinoco and into the Amazon bowl, experienced electric eels, snakes, and boa constrictors; Yet, no Wombles.

No#22: Roman Catholic

Most of the Venezuelans are Christian, predominantly Roman Catholic. There are a few but influential Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist communities.

No#23: Unusual Christmas custom

The Christmas celebration of Venezuela is so different. For worship, people have to leave the country’s capital, ‘Caracas,’ early in the morning, but not by car or bike. They have to use skates for this festive.

Venezuela Tourism Facts

No#24: Three worlds Heritage Sites

It is clarified the excellence of the Canaima National Park. The others are Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, a pioneer building complex in the capital, and the port of Coro. Shockingly, the last is considered in danger by Unesco.

No#25: Inquisitive structure of capital

In the Sixties, there built a building named Helix to serve as a shopping center. But its construction never finished, the Venezuelan secret service turning it into a brutal prison.

No#26: A special incentive for Britons

While the pound has battled as the result of a year ago’s Brexit submission, the Venezuelan bolivar has endured more. Indeed, Britons making a beeline for the country this year can hope to get around 20% more for their cash than they would have completed two years prior.

Unique facts about Venezuela

No#27: Indirect fly

If you want to fly to Venezuela from the UK, you have to face some problems. Direct connections from the UK to South America are shockingly rare. There are only six.

No#28: Banned Diet coke

In 2009, Venezuela was banned Coke Zero because they think it is not suitable for health.

No#29: Children education

In Venezuela, children can choose time to attend school. They have the option to select the timing of their school in the morning, afternoon, or night.

Weird Facts about Venezuela

No#30: Weird things

Venezuela is a multicultural and geographically diverse South American country. But there has something weird matter.

  • The country has two seasonal weather; the hot, humid, and the hot, dry season.
  • In Venezuela, mothers need children’s birth certificates to buy the baby product.
  • Sometimes, Venezuelan police hire guard for themselves because, during duty, many officers have been killed.
  • As electricity shortage in the country, Venezuela’s president ordered the women in the country to abstain from using hair dryers.
  • From 1830 until vote based system was reestablished in 1958, Venezuela experienced upheavals, autocracies, counter-unrests, and military juntas.
  • Venezuela canceled bondage in 1854, liberating around 25,000 slaves, three percent of the populace around then.
  • The CDC has distinguished Venezuela as a zone influenced by the Zika flare-up.

Though Venezuela is the world’s 33rd largest country, it is currently off-limits to travellers. Unfortunately, most governments advise against visiting Venezuela. This is a shame as the country is home to an array of natural beauty.

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